A prototype for a scripting language for videogame dialogs.

It’s a clean scripting language to write character dialogs inside videogame, as clean as I can make it anyway. The main interpreter is written in c++. It’s tiny and generic, not specific to any game engine, but it’s mainly aimed at working inside godot. It’s turing complete (aims to be, not at the moment).

This project is heavily inspired from Dialogic. In fact, many thanks to the Dialogic developers, since the Godot part of the code and the assets are heavily copied from Dialogic.

Pipecontrol is a Pipewire control GUI program in Qt-QML using Kirigami2 (KDE). It can monitor the properties and latency of Pipewire audio and video streams and it can change at runtime sample rate and buffer size (quantum). Future plans include volume control and more under the hood controls for pro-audio users.

It’s a work in progress. Solo project.

Wicked Engine is an open-source C++ engine focusing on modern rendering techniques and performance. Use this as a framework for your graphics projects, or learning. Some programming skills are required for the best experience, but some simple tools like an Editor are also included. It is free (MIT licensed). Available on Steam.

Ported the Wicked Engine to Linux 🐧 and the Steam Deck. Collaborator and Linux port responsible since then. Source code, Project page.

Revolve is an open source software framework for robot evolution providing C++ and Python libraries to create, simulate and manage robots in the Gazebo general-purpose robot simulator.

Major developer. Refactored original code into more usable code. Main software used for my PhD. Main maintainer of the project for 3 years, until a major rewrite was planned. Source code. Now superseeded by Revolve 2.

MultiNEAT is a C++ portable library (with Python bindings) that implements Network Evolution through many variations of the NEAT (Neuro–Evolution of Augmenting topologies) algorithm, including CPPN-NEAT and HyperNEAT.

I’m maintaining a fork of the library for my research group that focuses on a better building setup using CMake, better python bindings and stability.

An android live wallpaper with realistic rendering of Mars. Low power consumption. Native Java and OpenGL code. Available on the Play Store and on F-droid.

Solo project. Source code.